Climate Change, Environment & Resilience

In a world of information overload we work with journalists, news organisations and partners to make sure environment and health issues remain at the top of the news agenda.

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From setting up a climate change news desk, pironeering HIV and AIDS reporting in developing country media, to creating the first service dedicated to the coverage of land rights, Thomson Reuters Foundation has always been committed to environmental reporting.  

Our programmes are having an impact around the world.  We work with partners including the United Nations Foundation, UNICEF and the International Fund for Agricultural Development, helping journalists write compelling stories on the Sustainable Development Goals, cover health and child immunisation in India, and understand the myriad of issues affecting those in rural poverty.
  • Reporting Sustainable Development

    Thomson Reuters Foundation's partnership with the UN Foundation has seen more than 700 journalists, government and non-governmental communicators from 40 countries trained on reporting the complex set of new Sustainable Development Goals. The programme aims to show how integral environment and sustainability issues are to political, economic and humanitarian news stories. It also raises the profile of international development projects that are often underreported but have the power to transform global living standards.

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  • Rural Poverty and Agriculture

    Although an estimated 75 per cent of the world’s poorest people live outside urban centres, the story of rural poverty, and the issues facing farmers in these areas, are chronically under-reported.  Perceived to have few day-to-day developments on which to base a news story, their struggles can seem irrelevant or inconsequential to media consumers in rapidly urbanising communities. 

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  • Reporting Climate Change

    Climate Change is widely seen as the greatest threat to human development – perhaps even to human survival – in modern times. As the issue has moved gradually from the fringes of the news agenda to centre-stage, many journalists have difficulty grasping the implications and disentangling the mass of competing claims. We build the capacity of journalists to cover this critical issue, and help them produce stories that matter to their audiences.

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